Glycerin + Water = Excellent for New Growth

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Normally when I stretch my relaxers I spray S Curl No Drip into my scalp to soften my new growth. Well this time around I ran out so I thought to myself "whats the best alternative?.....GLYCERIN!!" Glycerin is also found in S Curl No Drip, its like the 2nd or 3rd ingredient.

Glycerin is known to improve moisture and smoothness to your hair. It provides lubrication and acts as a humectant. A humectant draws in moisture into your hair and skin. Glycerin is also highly "hydroscopic" which means that it absorbs water from the air. For example: if you left a bottle of pure glycerin exposed to air in your kitchen, it would take moisture from the air and eventually, it would become 80% glycerin and 20% water.

This is what I did:

I added 4tsp of 100% pure Glycerin mixed with 5tsp of water. I applied this mixture to my roots and covered my head with a baggy for about an hour. Let me tell you, my new growth was SUPER moisturized. I never had to apply more! My hair was moist for 3 whole days and that's without sealing. Glycerin is the truth and its best when your stretching....makes things easier.

I highly recommend this to ANYONE with very dry coarse hair or if your just stretching your relaxer. Or you could purchase S-Curl No Drip Spray or Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion (my staple) as these products are all "water/glycerin" based and provide your hair with excellent moisture.

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  1. Have you noticed a difference when you put glycerin on your hair..not just the new growth. I find that products with glycerin leave a sticky film on my hair (S curl, or even conditioners with glycerin in them)

  2. For me, glycerin is great on my new growth and my hair. My hair tends to be on the dry side so glycerin mixed with water or in my deep conditioners really help my issue. Im sorry that it leaves a film behind. Probably your mix is too thick. Remember a lil glycerin goes a longggggg way!

  3. Thanks for sharing this tip. I am about to make my own rosewater glycerin mix for my hair. I bought one at Wholefoods and my hair and skin loves it. But, now, I have a detailed mixture to work with. Thanks!

  4. Im glad I could have helped! Im happy you found something that works for you :)

  5. Yes, glycerin is the truth!!! Its one of fav ingredients (next to shea butter) I mixed water, glycerin, water, and a few drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle and my hair has stayed moist for a 3 days!!! It's great as a daily moisturizer to freshen up twist, coils, braids, or if you are just rocking a wash and go. Spray it on...massage it in and you are good to go!!!

  6. Where can I buy Glycerin?

  7. You can purchase it at Walgreens.

  8. What is the name brand of glycerin at Walgreen

  9. I just purchased some today from walgreens its called afrocare i paid around 6 bucks. Will be using it tonight.

  10. is vegetable glycerine the same thing?

  11. I have been using Glycerine for the past 2 months now and my hair is growing and very conditioned. I just bought the pure glycerine yesterday and be sure to check the inside of the bottle....when I opened the bottle it was mildewed, because they sold a mixture with water and because its mixed with only water and glycerine it doesn't keep long. The concentrated formula is better and it only cost 3.50 at the hood beauty supply by my beautician's house....

  12. I love love love glycerin and water too! It's my favorite product to use because:

    1. I make it myself, so I know exactly what's going on my scientifc names that I can't pronounce :)

    2. It works! I have tried sooo many moisturizers that ALL fail to truly moisturize. But not with glycerin and water!

    3. It has dramatically improved my breakage

    I buy NOW Foods 100% vegetable glycerin online at and it's cheap cheap cheap! How great is that?

    I mix the glycerin and purified (bottled) water together in a spray bottle and add a few drops of rosemary oil and VOILA!I don't measure the glycerin and water...just eyeball it and then test it out (then add more water or glycerin if needed). I use this EVERY day. This works better for my hair than any daily moisturizer ever has...I'm hooked for life.

    1. I was wondering if you have ever tried using aloe vera juice instead of water with this mixture?

    2. No I haven't use only aloe and glycerin. I'll be sure to try it. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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