Natural Boar Bristle Brush

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Don't you just love smooth hair?! Well I definately do and I found a cool tip you could use into your daily hair regimen! Try using a natural soft boar-bristle brush that has flexible bristles. A boar bristle brush will help give your hair a healthy shine by distributing the natural oils through the hair and stimulate the scalp. The bristles are MUCH softer and more flexible than those found on a nylon brush. It also helps eliminate split ends and other damage.

When looking for your brush make sure it says "Pure Boar Bristles" or "Natural Boar Bristles". You can find them at Sally Beauty Supply ($7) or Walmart ($14). I know, since when is Walmart more expensive then Sally's? LOL .

I have the Xtra Soft Wooden Boar Bristle Brush. I just bought it from Sally's and I LOVE IT. I normally use it after I have moisturized and sealed my hair. I have smooth touchable hair all day long. You'll wanna find reasons to brush you hair despite all the bad rep you hear.

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  1. Thanks so much for this..

    I picked up a boar bristle brush at Target for about 5-6 dollars. I have to brush my hair its a habit and one thing i couldn't let go of starting my journey. I wear alot of buns an ponys so no brush would equal a damp wet mess for me!