Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apple Cider Vinegar rinses (ACV) are great for hair that has raised cuticles. The acidic nature of the ACV helps tighten and close those raised cuticles allowing your hair to retain more moisture.

Sometimes, I would notice that my hair would look very dry and dull because my cuticle wasn't closed and all the moisture was just leaving my hair as quickly as I was trying to put it in. After a ACV rinse, I notice that my hair holds moisture better, its smoother to the touch and has amazing shine.

Apple Cider Vinegar also stimulates hair follicles to encourage healthier hair growth. The high acidity and powerful enzymes in Apple Cider Vinegar also supports a healthy scalp.

Use 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 cups of water. Mix that up and pour it over the hair in the shower as a final rinse after deep conditioning. The rinse will help lock in all the benefits from the Deep Conditioner, into your hair, by closing the cuticles. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm/cool water.

- stimulates hair follicles
- hair takes longer to dry (It has been said that this indicates healthier hair)
- holds moisture better
- hair is smoother since cuticles are now tighter and laying flat
- more shine

- you may smell like vinegar if you don't use something in your hair afterward (your leave-ins should take away the smell)
- stiff, hard hair IF you don't use the right amount of ACV and water. The ACV has to be diluted.

TIP : If you suffer from porous hair try looking for shampoo's with a pH below 6. So around 4.5-5.5 range. Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo has a low ph, Joico and Roux makes a porosity control shampoo and conditioner.


Hairlicious Rating: (5/5) Excellent!

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  1. where can you purchase apple cider vinegar?

  2. You can get ACV from your local grocery store or a health food store.

  3. thank you very much on instructing on how and when to use this thanks

  4. Hi sunshyne, thank for the info I went and got a bottle of acv today and I am going to wash my hair tonight and use it. how soon after using this can I relax my hair, as I am ten weeks post relax and will be getting a relaxer soon. THANY U

  5. Can I use heat on my hair after an acv rinse? My hair is natural but I wear it straight. I need to know if I can apply heat.

  6. how do you know if you have porous hair??

  7. I don't know if this makes a differences or not, but I don't use the kind out of the store, but the kind from called Dynamic Health, it's an organic acv with the "Mother" in it, it's raw, unfiltered and unpasteruized. I've also used a brand that was on called Bragg Organic ACV at, it's organic with the "mother" also.


  8. How often do you do your ACV rinses?

  9. how long do you leave the rinse in your hair?

  10. hi, will it matter if you poo dc then clarify? it seems to defeat the purpose of the dc

  11. i have been doing my ACV rinses and not rinsing after i poured the rinse on! good thing i referred back to this article cuz i wasn't sure.

  12. i wash my hair every week so how many time should i do a rinse?

  13. can you make your own AVC.. I asked because my mom got a million apples and I know we are not goin to eat them all so can you mix that with vinegar and get the same results

  14. just wondering if i can use regular white vinegar instead?

  15. Yes, you can. I have used the regular white vinegar. Then air dryed my hair and my hair was thick, shiny and my scalp was clarified by the vinegar. I used it once every three weeks. Because of the high acidic content, it can damage your hair over time. I also used this after my relaxer to stop the relaxing process. If you have burns on your scalp it is not wise to do this because it burns. hth

  16. Wow, I didn't know ACV can be beneficial to my hair too. I've been drinking ACV for almost a week and I like it. I've been drinking a lot more liquid than I did before. I mixed 2 tbsp of ACV with 2 cups of water, and also some sweetener to neutralize the flavor. Good to know, I'll definitely try it on my hair.

  17. Hello, I'd like to ask, does it help get rid of the negative effects of washing your hair with hard water [crusty formations on the scalp that look like dandruff mostly.]?

  18. Yes, ACV rinses helps to remove buildup on the hair. It is an acidic rinse to help close the cuticles and detox the scalp.

  19. I have very porous hair from coloring and some bleaching. Just used the ACV rinse for the first time. I dried my hair on the cool setting and notice a phenomenal difference. My hair was smooth and shiny, not dry and crunchy. I'm sold!

  20. @Anonymous - Amaaazing!!! I love to hear when ppl have great results with ACV. It's a really good way to close the cuticles and lock in moisture. Happy Hair Journey!!

    ♥ Sunshyne

  21. I tried the ACV a couple of times of a year ago. I didn't get on with it maybe because I was using way too much ACV to water ratio plus I was doing it every week. My hair is extremely porous - so I will try again with 1/4 ACV to 2 cups of water just like Sunshyne. Wish me luck as I have been the same length for almost 6 months and have been wondering what I can do to retain my length and stop the breaking etc. xx

  22. wow ive been doing the acv rinse wrong. I do the rinse before deep conditioning

  23. How long should I leave it in my hair ?

    1. You don't have to leave it in long. Just a couple seconds, massage it in and rinse. HTH


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