My Gold N Hot Hooded Dryer!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Someone on the Black Hair Forum, either yesterday or today, asked if it is beneficial to use heat when deep conditioning? For me, I've noticed better results when deep conditioning with a heat source as opposed to nothing. My hair feels much more moist, thicker, and bouncy!! Thanks to my Gold N Hot Hooded Dryer.

Don't get me wrong, using your own natural body heat is great and I've tried it with satisfactory results but it does not compare to using a hooded dryer like at the salon.

I find that when you are doing deep treatment, it is more beneficial when used with heat, simply because the heat temporarily swells the cuticle and allows the conditioner to better penetrate the hair shaft. The proteins, oils and moisture can then penetrate and attach it self to the damage hair strands (the cortex, which is the most important layer of the hair shaft). I normally pile all my hair (ends included) at the top of my head, cover with a plastic cap and go under the dryer or heating cap for about 20-30mins.

The Hot N Gold Dryer can also be used to dry your hair after you've washed and deep conditioned rather than using a blow dryer. After you've detangled, apply your leave-ins (you can either wrap your hair or have it just hanging down straight) and sit under the dryer for as long as it takes to dry your hair. There are 4 heat settings (cool, low, medium and hot), I normally use "medium". It will dry your hair straight & in a healthy way.

Try using a hooded dryer and see for yourself!

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  1. Foreal?! LOL, yeah I purchased this at the beginning of my hair journey, and its been the best investment since!

  2. Where did you buy your dryer. I in the market for one and hopefully can have my own hooded dryer so I can do my roller sets. Thanks!

  3. @ Beautiful - Hey girl, sorry for the late response. I got mine from Sally's Beauty Supply. I love it.

  4. I think I'll get a Gold 'N Hot at Sallys for $49.99 so I can do my own wet sets... finally independance from the salons!!

  5. Thank you so much for such this post and a wonderful blog. It's SO helpful you have no idea. Keep up the good work.