Massage Your Scalp and Grow Your Hair Long

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here is a very Simple & Natural Way to Grow your Hair long. You can use different types of natural oils to give your scalp a nice massage before bed (Jojoba Oil, Amla Oil, Sweet Almond Oil etc.).

You should massage your scalp for 5 mins. This makes your hair stronger, thicker, and grow in faster because it allows the blood to circulate and promote more hair growth. The massage stimulates your scalp's blood supply. The blood then brings nutrients to the follicles and that helps the follicles do their work.

In addition, a scalp massage is a great stress reducer. Less stress=more beautiful hair. So treat yourself to a nightly hair message and you'll reap the benefits, longer hair.

Tip : Spread your fingers apart and place them firmly on your head. Start at the base of your neck and work your way up to your front hairline. Move in little circles!

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  1. This looks interesting, I will be trying this. Trialand error to get the best result, as far as this hair journey is concerned.

  2. How often should you do this and how long should you leave this oil on hair. Do you shampoo out afterwards or just leave in.