Bad DRY Hair Day!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's been a while since I've posted, but theres a good reason for that, I've been PARTYING!!!!! My birthday (March 31st) was great and definitely memorable. But back to the hair, my hair has been really acting a fool lately. I'm currently 8 weeks post right and my new growth is rough, dry and brittle. Honestly, I wanna cry I'm so frustrated. I've washed my hair, conditioned it on Monday and today its a hot mess. I'm so upset right now. If thats one thing I can't stand is rough hair!!!! I'm used to it being dry but this is beyond what I can handle.

I was thinking and I'm gonna try co-washing, just to add some moisture back into my hair and then I'm going to deep condition (without heat) for 2-3 hrs!!! Hopefully that will restore some suppleness and moisture back into my hair. I can't wait till the day I find a cure to this DRYNESS. I'm still on my hunt y'all, pray for me. I'll post with the updates soon.

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