"Horrible" Dry Hair Day pt.3

Friday, April 04, 2008

(Sigh) Just when I thought this whole "bad, dry hair" nightmare was over, it was NO WHERE near finished. My hair was good until around 4-5pm today. I was about to do my protective style before leaving the house to go out, then I noticed that my hair was kinda dry so I started to moisturize my hair and roots (since I was 8 weeks post with a lot of new growth). Soon after that I started to finger comb my hair and then noticed several huge knots in my hair, not tangles...BIG KNOTS! I was like " Oh lawd what did I do to deserve this..." I started to search & detangle my hair and there were manyyyyyy tangles and knots in my hair. At this point I was about to cry because I thought this whole mess was over and done with, now I gotta deal with knots on top of the dryness! OMG. I think I know what the culprit was, I'll do a product review about it so that you guys can stay away from it.

I then started to think about how this can be taken care of in the least stressful way....I was unsure if it was a porosity issue, or just buildup! So I decided to clarify and detangle my whole head followed by Porosity control, a deep moisture treatment and ACV ( Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse). So here is what I did so far.

1. Clarify my hair with Avalon organics shampoo (lemon & shea butter)
2. Shampoo with Porosity Control
3. Condition with Porosity Control, then detangled with the conditioner on my head. Took me 45mins to do my whole head and I lost a lot of hair in the process. This was a major set back for me :(
4. Rinsed out
5. Applied a mixture of moisturizing conditioners/concoctions:
--> 4 tsp of Elasta QP DRP-11
--> 3 tsp of AtOne Botanical Reconstructor
--> 2 tsp of Extra Virgin Oil
* Mixture was veryyyyy thick and creamy for my coarse 4a/b hair. Hair felt greatttttt!! Went under the dryer for 45 mins and then let it sit for another 20mins.*
6. Rinsed out with lukewarm/cool water
7. Poured 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of cool water.
8. Rinsed thoroughly
9. Applied leave-ins
10. Air Dry

* Hair felt amazing while rinsing out the conditioner and during acv rinse, we'll see how it turns out after....keep posted!*

My hair feels 100% better. Its much more softer, thicker, and more moist. Its still not 100% dry and its 2am ! I started air drying at 11pm. I guess my hair is retaining water better. YAY! My hair is also knot free. Thank God. Once it was dry I moisturized, sprayed my roots with Hawaiian Silky 14en1 and then baggied. Lets see how it turns out in the morning...lol

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  1. Hi there! You have nice tips in your blog. I think i'll try that cuz today is my deep conditioning day. BTW i have a hair blog too now, please come visit!

  2. Thank you lazygirl! I'll check out your blog now. How did your hair turn out?