Hair Question: How to Treat Thinning Edges

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Question: " What do you recommend that I do with my edges? They are awful. "

Advice: Thinning edges are caused by slow growth, scalp infection or an excessive amount of tension/stress applied to a specific area over a long period of time. To help the hair grow back, the hair follicles need to be rejuvenated to improve blood circulation and promote more hair growth. I've noticed that products containing anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, help combat dandruff and bacteria off of the scalp. The removal of dandruff/bacteria unclogs the hair follicles allowing the scalp to breathe resulting in faster hair growth since nothing is inhibiting the growth.

Here are a couple options:

a) Rosemary Oil - Needs to be mixed with a carrier oil (too potent otherwise). Known to increase blood flow, therefore, promoting hair growth.

b) Peppermint Oil - Needs to be mixed with a carrier oil (too potent otherwise). Gives a cooling effect/tingle to the scalp, and removes dandruff. Purifies the scalp. Known to increase blood flow, therefore, promoting hair growth.

c) Castor Oil - Cleanses toxins & impurities from the scalp, nourishes and thickens the hair. Stimulates hair growth while moisturizing dry brittle hair.

d) Coconut Oil - Promotes hair growth by revitalizing and exfoliating dead skin tissue from the scalp. Great in removing dandruff so that the scalp/hair follicles can breath and the hair can grow at a faster rate.

e) Aloe Vera Gel/Juice - Includes an enzyme that is beneficial in stimulating new hair reproduction.

f) Vitamin E - Antioxidant that enhances scalp circulation. Helps to increase and improve circulation of your scalp, promoting the growth of healthy hair

g) Miconazole Nitrate - Found in Yeast Infection Creams & Neosporin. Has antifungal properties. If applied to the scalp, it will remove dandruff/bacteria off of the scalp thus promoting hair growth (caution: can cause headaches).

h) Sulfur 8 - Provides a tingling sensation to the scalp. Helps remove dandruff off the scalp. Sulfur does three important functions in our body. It brings about hair growth, strong nails and smooth skin.

i) Mega-Tek - It stimulates and promotes RAPID hair regrowth without the use of silicone, synthetic polymers, oils or petroleum based products. Many ladies have seen great results with this product.

Hope that helps!


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  1. thank you for this information.
    I am taking notes

  2. i looked up megatek... it's for horses? is that really safe?

  3. very informative, i'm taking notes now!

  4. @ Gaea - Wow, I never knew that. I knew MTG & Mane and Tail were. Thanks for letting me know. I know a lot of ladies on BHM forum that use it.

  5. This is what is going on with my scalp. After washing and drying I have white patches that are dry. If i apply the Neosporin or the Yeast Infection cream how often do you apply this and how often do you wash the hair?

  6. I read that tea tree oil is a good anti-fungal, but if you have a sensitive scalp add a little olive oil.

  7. Yes, Mega-Tek is a formula that was originally produced for horses, but I began to use it after reading this forum for my breaking edges, and it's like a miracle worker! Not harmful at all!

  8. Yea it is for horses but it's perfectly fine for humans. It actually says so on the bottle. Hope this helps!

  9. Thanks for this! I also heard about using cayenne pepper too. You can make the paste out of cayenne pepper and water or cayenne pepper and oil. Leave it on for 30 mins at the least. Rinse it all the way out well and that's it! I'm starting to do this now before cowashing. We're trying this out over at the Black Hair Planet forum. :)

  10. I have been using sulfur 8 and it really works!!!!!!

  11. I understand that Castor oil will help with thinning edges. My question now is what type to buy, can I use any or does it have to be JBCO. I don't want to waste money/time buying it at any health store and end up having to buy another product.
    I would appreciate any help as I want my edges back!!

  12. Can I get mega-tek from a beauty supply??? If not where can I find it??

  13. @ Anonymous - I would get JBCO because it's in it raw natural state with all the nutrients still in tack.

    @ Honey 85 - Here is a site where you can get Mega Tek

  14. Tea Tree Oil is also combats bacteria of the scalp as it has anti-fungal properties. I use it together with JBCO and Jojoba Oil to combat my mild scalp psoriasis. Works wonders!

  15. Oh my goodness, Than You so much. I have been searching for a cure to restore my damaged edges, i will be trying the Sulphar 8 and castor oil.

    But I see that it has to be JBCO but we don't get that here in South africa so is there any other kind you could recommend?

    1. Wendy, you can get the JBCO from their website or order on

  16. Just put this on my list on what i need to buy :)

  17. Hello Sunshyne and everyone!

    I'm a newbie (as of today) to this site and I'm thirsting for all of the knowledge that I can obtain! I've been natural for quite sometime, I'm actually going to be transitioning from locs (loc'd 4 years) back to loose hair but my edges have obviously thinned as a result of my loc maintenance. I've taken note of all of the suggestions listed above. I was wondering if anyone has a specific recipe & regimen that works for them and how often you are applying the regiment to your edges? Thanks so much in advance for any information you can provide!