Youtube Alert : My Bun

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Got a couple requests from some ladies wanting to know how to do my daily bun, well here it is. It's my first live video y'all...its not easy!!

Hope you Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for the video. The style is very simple, yet stylish and sophisticated.

    Thanks again.

  2. I love the way you pin curl. It was very simple.

  3. @ Ambrosia - I co-wash 1x/week, mainly Saturdays but I felt to do it in the middle of the week instead.

    @ ExoticMommie - Your welcome hun, this look is so simple, I wear it all the time.

    @ Laqt - Thank you. That is the only way I know how to do

  4. I'm still tryna do that pin curl thing...My hair is probably to short to do it...

  5. That is the easiest way to do a bun that I have ever seen. Thanks!

  6. Is there a reason why you use three leave in moisturizers? I use NTM but do not like how it makes my hair feel when I put it on wet hair. Do you use the Wave Noveau on wet hair? Also, how does your NG affect your bun? I always have a problem when I have lots of NG, where I put my bun, my NG is out of control! Thanks.

  7. Thanks ladies for responding!

    @ Kim - I dont use 3 leave-ins. I only use Elasta QP H-two leave-in spray and the NTM silk touch. I use Wave Nouveau finishing lotion on dry hair as a moisturizer. My new growth doesn't affect my buns. If you have enough length on your hair, there shouldn't be a problem to put your hair in a bun.

  8. Hi!! I'm a newcomer to hair regimenting and I found your youtube videos a few weeks ago and quickly subscribed!! My hair is barely shoulder length so I'm wondering if you have any tips for protective hairstyling with shorter hair?