Have Your Say: Hair Obstacles

Friday, October 03, 2008

Throughout our hair journey, there can be a lot of up's & down's! What challenges/obstacles are you experiencing? If not, what have you been doing to prevent them?


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  1. that's why i buy so many moisturizers....looking for the miracle product..

  2. I definitely should have voted all of the above! My hair is going thru too much right now..so startin ova is the best thing for me. but moisturizing is definitely essential to a regimen!

  3. Wow! I noticed many of your readers said breakage! I'm in the same boat. I bought some Aphogee products yesterday so I hope they help :)

  4. I've been trying moisturizers to keep my hair properly moisturized. And it gets tangled easily for some reason. It's gotten a lot better. But moisture has been a big issue for me.

  5. Oh, and I'm probably going to use the Silken Child relacer kit or Just For Me.

  6. Actually, I was looking for a "None of the above option cos that where I am right now. I did a serious garlic deep con last week that brought my shedding to a stand still and my DPR-11 mixed with oils has tremendously improved my moisture issues.

    Anyway, nice poll. Thanks, Ms. Sunshyne and can I say I am so jealous of your 'purty' hair? So 'purty'.


  7. Thank God and the present time I dont have any real obstacles...But in the past my issues were Dryness of hair and scalp

  8. @ Amina - I totally agree. I gotta keep trying till you find your staples. Thats exactly what I did!

    @ Charmaine - Moisture moisture moisture is key!! Sometime starting over will give you a better start with a clear mind.

    @ Ms Anjela - Yeah I know. Breakage is so hard to get rid of, but you can definately keep it to a minimum.

    @ Ms Krissy - Same here. Im always looking for better ways of mositurizing my hair, so far so good.

    @ Solomonsydelle - Thanks for the comment. DPR-11 is great for moisture. I mix mine with oil too. I should have added "None of the above"..sorry about that.

    @ Traycee - Girl you are sooooo lucky. Your hair is FAB!!