Let's Chat: How did you build your regimen?

Friday, October 31, 2008

I started out by finding a hair twin (someone with the same texture and/or starting length as me) and then I took a look at their products and mimicked their regimen. As I went further along in my hair journey, I began to learn new things & experiment, which eventually led me to my regimen now.

So how did you learn to build your current regimen?
Was it all from trial and error?
Did you copy from a hair twin?
Or was it recommended?


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  1. i too found a hair twin, but mostly trial and error have guided me to a semi-permanent regimen

  2. I tried other people's reggie including products soon learning that not every product produces the same results. So I used the format of prepoo, poo, DC, and rollerset and included products that work for me. But by experimenting with a different type of product, WEN, I follow a regimen based around that product.

  3. Like erynmyisha, I started with the process- prepoo, poo, DC, and rollerset. I started using products that I already had that worked well for my hair. I also had to think back over the years on products and techniques that worked. As I learned what ingredients my hair did and did not like, I slowly tried other products. It does take a lot of trial and error, and I did have some bad hair days, but now I've got a group of products that keep my hair healthy. Whenever I try a new product, that is the only new product I try at that time, and stick with the same products for everything else to really gauge how it works. So for example, if I try a new shampoo, I'll use my staple pre-poo, conditioner and rollersetting products.

  4. hello there,
    great post!
    unfortuntely i don't have a hair regimen a part from the regular pre-poo, poo, condition, moisturize...

    I just go with the flow and follow what my hair says...
    i've met people with my texture and it helps to see what they use but i don't copy what they do...
    i adapt to my needs...


  5. I did basically what you did but also wrote some things down. I wrote out a fall/winter reggie and a spring/summer one and marked the calendar on my computer with the date that I was to start each. Each reggie listed products I was to use, their purpose, and when they should be used.

    I followed that and it elevated from there. That cut down on alot of hair hair disappoints and disasters. I have a rock solid reggie now that isn't written out but I will probably be on it for years to come. I get the best results from it plus it's not complicated. I restock my bathroom closet with my reggie staples before I run out of anything. I know my reggie is working well because whenever I stray from the reggie it never really goes to good. I do have some product alternatives though with similar ingredients and make ups as my reggie staples.

  6. Thanks for the responses ladies! So I guess the steps are concrete but the products may change here and there...Thats how it is with me.

  7. I found my regimen by experimenting with others' regimens. I experimented with the products basically on my own. I had a few purchases that were driven on one of my "sisters'" success, but I had a huge PJ problem in the beginning that I was bound to figure my products out. A lot of disappointments on the way but I learned what to do and what not to do. I still am looking to perfect it. I am always making super concoctions.

  8. Trial and error for me...I learned the basics of hair care (the 3C's - cleansing, conditioning and caring) and built upon my regimen from there...nice topic!


  9. I really lucked up. The first hair website I joined was HT, and I just imitated the creator's hair regimen. Thankfully, it turned out that we were hair twins and what worked for her, worked for me. Now, I'm tweaking my own regimen. So far, so good (2 months into my hair journey).

  10. Gosh,wish i had a hair twin, but I've got them true Nigerian naps. And my Nigerian folks are yet to jump on the hairconscious bandwagon, so until then...

    My regimen was developed via trial and error. Thank God I have a blog and can keep track of everything I do to my hair.

    Anyway, by keeping track of everything, I was able to discover what worked and repeat those tricks. I now know that my hair likes protein as long as my moisture game is on point. Additionally, I know that my hair straightens very well with no heat and likes ayurvedics. My hair also loves the summer time.

    Yup, I had to make many mistakes along the way, but thanks to blogs like yours I was able to keep those mistakes to a minimum.

    Any potential hair twins out there with 4zzzzzz hair at just about APL? Holler at me!

  11. im following ur regi harilicious and so far so good.

    also that wave nouveau is the best. thanks for tuning me into it. i use it with nexus leave in condish and i am now always moisturized

  12. i learned the 'basics' after joining HT and built my regimen from there, mostly from trial and error. I've kept track of what worked and didn't work by writing and blogging.

  13. I used your regime as a guide and then chaged it to fit my hair needs. So far its working great.