Year 2: My Personal MBL Challenge!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I've already entered my 2nd year of my Hair Care Journey and I'm starting approx. at the length of my dear friend Traycee. She started at APL and reached Waist length in less than a year. That blew me away! Congrats again Sis. With that being said, I'm starting my own challenge and I will be revamping my regimen too.

Here are the starting photos:

It seems like my hair is touching my bra strap. However, I don't consider myself BSL simply because I'm a little concerned with my ends. I have noticed (thank God I flat ironed...) that the hairs towards my nape/back area have been neglected due to lack of moisture. I realized that I don't moisturize that area enough so its starting to thin out :( Now, I'm going to moisturize and seal in SECTIONS like Traycee and see if that helps. My sister had the same problem and it was cured once she started to adapt and incorporate Traycee's methods. I gotta go into "repair mode" and take care of this situation *sighs*.

Year 2 Goals:
- Hit FULL BSL by Spring 2009 (March-April)
- Reach MBL (Oct. '09)
- Simplify my regimen & products even more
- Keep breakage to a minimum
- Baby my ends and Moisturize & Seal in Sections
- Increase thickness of ends
- Dust ends frequently
- Use low pH products (shampoos & DC's)
- Increase moisture level

Revamped Regimen:
- Prepoo 1x/week (Saturdays)
- Shampoo 2x/week (Mondays)
- DC 2x/week with heat for 30mins (Mondays & Thrusdays)
- Co-wash 1x/week (Saturdays)
- Air Dry in twists or a bun 99% of the time
- Moisturize and Seal in Sections Daily
- Relax every 10-12 weeks
- Only baggy when ends are dry
- Protein Treatment 1-2x/month
- Clarify 1-2x/month


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  1. U will make MBL before u know it ...I think it will be before way before Oct 09 though

  2. Sunshyne your hair looks so much thicker! I have been waiting for some more hair photos from You'll be MBL in no time as fast as your hair grows!

  3. Sounds like a plan!! It looks great though!!

  4. Your hair loooks so thick and healthy -what a difference a year makes :)....

  5. Moisturizing in sections DOES make the difference! We are cheering you on girlie!

    -Your Cheeziness

  6. Your hair looks great. It won't be long before you reach MBL. You have a good plan and your hair is in great shape. Good luck! :)

  7. Wow Sunshyne! your hair is fab, I am pretty sure that you will hit MBL sooner than Oct 09! :)

  8. your hair does look fabulous!!! i going to try to moisterize and seal in sections...:)

  9. Your hair is such an inspiration. You will definitely make MBL before a year. Your progress is what inspired me. Your beautiful and your journey has been abosutley amazing.

  10. You hair looks great girlie! Keep up the hard work!

  11. i'm happy for you, you have a great hair!

  12. Thanks so much for your support ladies! You guys are awesome, honestly. Im so glad you ladies are following me on my hair journey. I will keep you updated on my progress on my MBL challenge.

  13. Loving the progress! We are the same length girl! :)

  14. Thanks Belle! Your right we are so close :-) MBL here we come!!

  15. sunshyne u give me hope i am not the one to deal w/ hair im used to hair dressers doing my hair but it seems to never stay strong and healthy.I am very ignorant wen it comes to how to deal with my hair i jus love that i can use u as a guide to getting me their. So i wud like to thank u for that.As of this day i will start.