Castor Oil Challenge Part 2: No More JBCO

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I recently ran out of my precious Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I'm very disappointed, however, I do have a back up! =] So, for the rest of the Castor Oil Challenge (ends July 22nd) I will be using the regular clear Castor Oil I got from the Vitamin Shoppe (Home Health Brand, check the pic). I'm quite certain I will see the same results.

Other than that, the challenge is going smoothly. My new growth is kicking right now because it's thick and very coily - I love touching it. I'm supposed to be relaxing tomorrow, but because I don't have a camera as yet, I will be extending my relaxer to 11-12 weeks post (God help me).


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  1. Okay, I 'm using regular castor oil as well.I'm getting low so I may purchase JBCO.My ng is coming in real fierce plus I didn't relax bone straight when I did it myself and I am on a 6 month stretch.I do notice that it has seems to make my ng thicker. Idk, too soon to know for sure, But I'm liking what I see.

  2. You'll be fine! I actually never found or purchased the JBCO online, so I've been using the clear regular Castor Oil and I see lots of growth and thickness.

  3. Hi Sunshyne!

    I'm finally finding the time to go through your sites (became a member about 3 months ago!!)and I'm excited to get going with my hair care.

    What exactly is the castor oil challenge--where can I find the directions to do it?



  4. LaQT & Trellis - Great so we`re all on the same tip. Cool. For some reason, I find the regular Castor Oil thicker than JBCO.

    Angela - Thanks for visiting Angela!! All the details about the Castor Oil challenge can be found at Join the challenge today!!

  5. hi used jbbco like 4 yrs ago n i used sulfur8 with it n that was the longest my hair ever was, sl. i want to use it with mtg cause it conatins sulfur but its oily, should I do it or just wait awhile on my jbco or use peppermint oil with it? helppppppppp

  6. Hi sunshyne..I wanted to know where you got your jamaican castor oil from because I live in Pickering and all the hair places i been to all over GTA and Toronto say they dont carry I wanted to know if you could let me know where you bought yours from?

    thanks in advance

  7. and I also wanted to know where you got the home health brand castor oil from,where is the vitamin shop located?

  8. Hey Sunshyne! I am just wondering is HBCO the same as the liquid castor oil? Could I put HBCO on my scalp also or does it leave the hair to heavy ? Is the liquid castor oil the same castor oil you can get at walmart as a laxative?

  9. @ Anonymous - I got my castor oil from a bss just a little north of Pickering Mall. I forgot the name. It's close to brock rd & hwy 401. The home health brand is from the vitamin shoppe. I got it in the states. You can purchase it online as well.

    @ Angie - I wouldn't recommend HBCO for the scalp. Straight castor oil is better. Castor Oil is a laxative so yes, that one is fine.

  10. Hi, Ladies! I have Jamaican Black Castor Oil on sale for $20CDN, eight ounce, dark amber bottles. I live in Toronto. You can never go wrong with using black castor oil!!!

  11. is there a big diff between the clear castor oil and the jamaican black castor oil

  12. since you are a member of hairlicious you can order from and get a twenty percent discount until november 4th 2010 the promo code is LISTA (all caps). I've ordered lots of hair care products from beauty of new york ( with lots of success, some were hard to fine products, the bjco 8 oz. was 10.99, and they had other product used by Sunshyne, that i could not fine in Indiana. The good thing was you can buy several products and pay one price for everything for shipping. Good luck hope this helps.


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