Oils Haul: Got My Coconut, Grapeseed & Avocado Oil

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I went to Planet Organic food store and found some Avocado oil (finally), Organic virgin coconut oil, and grapeseed oil.

I can't wait to add these oils into my regimen. I'm thinking about adding them to my protein conditioners and using EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil) and Honey strictly for my moisture deep conditioners - we'll see.

Side note, I'm so glad I found non-deodorized virgin coconut oil close to home and for a reasonable price ($11). It's so rare!

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  1. Where in Toronto is this store where you purchased all these oils? And how much did it come up all together?

  2. EVOO and honey only for your moisture DC?? I'd love to know how that works out...I'm trying to use more natural products on my hair and skin.

  3. Hey Sunshyne...I havent had time to visit my favorite blogs...Just dropping by to wave Hello...Oh your going to love the Avocado Oil !!! Off to get caught up on your older post...

  4. Hey Sunshyne, I'm looking to buy some oils as well but how did you know which ones to choose from as far as quality (cold pressed, unrefined, etc.)?

  5. ITA w/ TRAYCEE, you're gonna love this avocado oil, i am just in love with it ;-)


  6. New to your blog and following! What is APL, BSL, BSB...?

  7. I love grapeseed oil as a sealant it's really, really light so it's just great for me and i like vatika oil in DCs.. which is coconut oil based but i use coconut oil if i don't have vatika oil.. i have never tried avocado tho..

  8. Hey Sunshyne, where is Planet Organic? I think I would die a happy death if I go there LOL. I love me some oils!!!!

  9. @ InOtherWords - There's 2 locations, 1 at Bathurst & center I beleive - near Promenade Mall and the other is at Bayview and Hwy 7. The Avocado oil was approx. $16, Coconut oi was $11 and the Grapeseed was about $7-8.

    @ Charisse - EVOO and Honey is a great addition to any moisturizing DC. You should try it out. I use EVOO on my skin daily and it's so soft and moist. I see a huge difference.

    @ Traycee - Hey Traycee, long time no chat. Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to try it out...I'll let you know how it goes.

    @ Shacurra - Well I did a little bit of research. From what I gather, oils in it's purest form perform best (more potent), so I just shopped around for oils that were 100% pure/organic/unrefined.

    @ Vanessa - Thanks girl, man...now I'm really itching to try it out. How do you like to use it?

    @ PRsocialite - Thanks for visiting!!! Click on the FAQ link on the main menu or copy & paste this link


    @ Sheliese - As a sealant...hmm I'll keep that in mind :)

    @ Chrissie - The one I went to is at Bayview & Hwy 7 in Richmond Hill, my old neighbourhood =]