Have Your Say: How Long Do You Deep Condition For?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please vote :) If you'd like - share your ideas, comments and suggestions too!


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  1. Sometimes it's about 2 hours. Other times it's overnight.

    But you know what I realized the other day?! If hair is like a sponge and can only absorb x amount until it can't absorb anymore and that usually happens in about 15 minutes, then why do we bother with deep conditioning for so long???

  2. I DC for 15-30 minutes on Dry hair. Flower Child your right, I don't see a difference when DCing for shorter times as opposed to longer.

  3. I DC for 15-30 minutes WITH HEAT on wet hair after shampooing. The only time (I think) DCing for more than 30 minutes is necessary is when you dont use heat. It takes about 45 mins to an hour for conditioner to penetrate fully without heat.

  4. Shanti from hairlistaJune 18, 2009 at 7:51 PM

    Hi everyone. I deep condition for hours and a lot of times overnight, not because my hair needs it just because I wash my hair late sometimes and I dont feel like washing out the conditioner. To FlowerChild it could depend on your conditioner. I use creme of nature or Keracare humecto conditioner and with the keracare when I remove my shower cap my hair is drenched and even with the creme of nature my hair is still wet the next day and I stretch my relaxers for 6 months and it even works then when my hair is its thickest.

  5. I DC for 30-60 minutes with heat. I just find it to be so relaxing with the heat cap on. I also do a cool down for at least 10 minutes before I rinse.

  6. I am under the dryer once a week for 25 minutes wrapped and catching up on my reading and pretending like I can't hear the kids saying "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy..." "What? I can't hear you sorry bub!" :o) I look forward to my deep conditions!

    My best, Lynn
    *love the new "look" of the site. It threw me off when it opened up. But it's grown on me.

  7. I DC no longer than 30-60 minutes depending on the conditioner, sometimes with heat and sometimes without. I use to dc overnight and in the morning my hair feels overly soft and mushy which to me isn't a good feeling, so I will never do that again.

  8. When I deep condition with Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayo overnight I seen a difference versus an hour. My hair was softer, fluffy, and moisterized! It was perfect!!!

  9. I deep condition for an hour with no heat. During that time i just watch tv and relax until my timer goes off.


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