Hair Question: Protein Conditioners vs. Protein Reconstructors

Thursday, June 25, 2009


"I'm so confused, what's the difference between protein conditioners and reconstructors??"
Advice: Good question! I've always understood it as, protein conditioners are typically surface-acting conditioners, meaning that they contain larger protein molecules, therefore, they do not penetrate the cuticle layers deeply. Since the molecules are fairly large, they tend to wear off easily in a few days. Moisturizing agents can be found in these conditioners, so you may not need a moisturizing conditioner afterward.

Now, onto reconstructors. These contain the highest quantity of protein and provide very little conditioning. They're more concentrated containing smaller hydrolyzed proteins that penetrate and bind to the cuticle layers a little more deeply. The results are usually more dramatic and longer lasting than protein-based conditioners - their sole purpose is to repair/reconstruct the hair these treatments don't offer much conditioning, and generally have to be followed up with a moisturizing conditioner.


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  1. great ! that is exactly what i was thinking. tks girl ;-)

  2. Thanks! I'd thought they were the same.

  3. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Reconstructor actually repair and penetrate similar to a dc and conditioners are temporary.

  4. Great post! This falls in line with what I was thinking... Applied to Aphogee Line: 2 Minute is a protein conditioner (done 1x every 6 weeks) and the 2-Step is a reconstructor (done 1x week).

  5. I am little confused maybe the reconstructor does penetrate more... but I read in many places that hair cannot be repared... it can look better for a little time but it is still damaged... the only way to take away the damaged hair is to cut it off... can someone help me understand please?!?

  6. Hair can be repaired. Split ends cant. That's the difference. If hair itself couldn't be repaired then almost everyone who started their hair journey would have to start from scratch. Most of us probably had damaged hair and turned it around... I'm one of them. Split ends are the only things that cant be repaired.

  7. Thx PocaD... what you said makes sense... now I know better :)

  8. Thanks for this ...I am learning so much!

  9. @ Nunaavane - REally? well hey, that's great =]

    @ Phyllis - Your welcome. No they are different.

    @ LaQT - You got it!!

    @ Minty - I think you got it mixed up a little. The 2 min can be done once a week, whereas the 2 step should be done every 6-8 weeks.

    @ Anonymous & PocaD - Great question. Thanks hun for chiming in!! Your awesome :)

  10. THANK YOU. For some reason protein conditioners don't work well with my hair...I use a reconstructor once a week. I hope that isn't too much???

  11. @ S-hair - Your welcome. You can use a reconstructor once a week. Nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you follow up with a moisturizing Deep conditioner after.

  12. this is definately helpful...

  13. I am very surprised about the difference between these two. I appreciate the amount of research and education you give us.


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