Quick Hair Update

Friday, June 19, 2009

I relaxed today(6.18.09). Everything went well. Applied coconut oil the day before and the day of my relaxer. I used ORS Olive Oil Lye Normal Strength (as you all know), did a mid step protein treatment with Hollywood Beauty Carrot Oil Cholesterol (stylist's choice), Neutralized (3x's), trimmed, roller set, blow dried a bit and that's it!

I got a little trim since I haven't had one since November 2008. I don't notice a huge difference in growth this time around. I SLACKED OFF big time applying the Castor oil to my scalp. I'm kicking myself right now. In total, I missed about 2-3 wks of the challenge i.e. vacation, busy with business and just straight up forgetting :(

However, I do see and feel a difference where thickness is concerned. My hair feels like it has more weight (stronger & heavier - Thanks to the Protein Is My BFF) and the health has improved tremendously. I'm happy with my hair right now :)

I barely have photo's of this relaxer b/c I have NO CAMERA. I'm deeply saddened by this. I was lucky to take photo's of my braid out since I was at my girls house. I have more photo's on Hairlista. You can also check out the Right hand column "Recent Hair Photos" for more pics.

Oh - I picked up a bottle of my beloved Jamaican Black Castor Oil so I'm back in businesssss.

(sorry for the horrible photo's, these were taken with my phone and bad lighting)


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  1. your hair looks really thick and healthy, amazing and i'm certain the length will come! i have a quick question though prior to doing your relaxer did you put the coconut oil over your hair, meaning in your scalp and on your hair or did you just put it in on your scalp? I know some people coat their relaxed hair in order to avoid it from getting overprocessed in case any relaxer got on it, so just wanted to know! Oh and also I wanted to know which do you prefer, using a protein treatment before you neutralize or after you neutralize, which do you think would be the most effective.

  2. Your hair is beautiful girl, I definetely see the added thickness. This is the inspiration I needed, thanks!

  3. Your ponytail is so thick and inspiring.

  4. Is there an increased benefit in using JBCO vs regular castor oil? I saw on a previous post that you used regular castor oil when JBCO ran out. Thanks.

  5. Your hair looks great and the thickness is to die for!!! lol Wonderful job :-)

  6. @ Elisia - I applied the coconut oil to my entire head, so...scalp, hair and ends.

    As far as the protein & relaxers go, I definitely recommend doing the protein step before you neutralize. It's a great way to build the protein bonds the relaxer broke down while the cuticles are still open.

    @ Tiffany - Aww thank you Tiff. I'm happy to have helped.

    @ LaQT - Thanks girlie :)

    @ Anonymous - Umm the jury is still out on that one. I used the regular castor oil for a couple days after my JBCO ran out and the only difference I noticed was that JBCO was much thinner in consistency and more moisturizing.

    @ K.D.- THANK YOU!!! That's very sweet of you to say. *smiles*

  7. Quick request, when you link to things in your posts can you link to the actual page and not just the homepage of Hairlista? I wanted to read that protein is my bff thing and it would be easier if it linked to the page/post instead of me having to search for it..... Some may not even take the time to search.