Thickness Comparison

Friday, June 19, 2009

No growth, but the thickness is there :) I gotta up my game "go hard or go home" is what its all about right now - and I will.


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  1. This is beautiful Sunshyne! Hey, give me thickness any day! :)

  2. Beautiful hair, congrats on the thickness. But I wonder why it didn't grow the normal half inch a month?? Maybe you've reached your terminal length. Just a thought.

  3. the thickness is it!

  4. I see that your hair is alot thicker. Do you think you have reached terminal length?

  5. Oh, yes, the thickness is very apparent. It is almost the width of the space between you bra straps. Beautiful!

  6. The jamaican castor oil is gem, and so is your hair!

  7. That is totally tripping me out. I have to get more vigilant about putting my JBCO in the mix. Great results though!

  8. She trimmed her hair...that's why it seemed like it didn't grow and if she didnt do that big ol CHOP a couple months back you would probably be midback....if not waist. Congrats on the volume tho, girl!!!

  9. I'm loving the thickness of your hair. Do you think the thickness is attributed to you strecthing your perm a bit longer?

    Also, what is the difference between regular castor oil and the Jamaican Black castor oil?

  10. Thanks ladies for the support, warm comments and encouragement. Brandy, I don't think I've reached Terminal I have a lot more growing to do :)

  11. How did you achieve thickness? I believe my hair could be thicker than it is.

  12. @Anonymous - Thickness can be achieved by keeping your ends healthy (moisturizing and sealing daily, frequent small trims, deep conditioning and protection). Also, protein treatments, coconut oil and castor oil help thicken the hair strands. Hope that helps

    ♥ Sunshyne


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