Checkin' In On My Personal MBL Challenge

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time has passed and I did not reach my goal of BSL by Spring 2009 *sigh* (although, I am fairly close). I'm quite disappointed in my efforts to reach this goal - like c'mon already man..geez.

However, I am grateful and pleased with the overall results I've attained from the new routine I've developed. Below, there are a couple things I've added after my last Personal MBL Challenge Update.

Small Tweaks:

- As of Feb 7th to present, I started using JBCO on my scalp.
- As of late March to present, I started using a light protein - weekly.
- As of Jan 21st to present, I've been using coconut oil as a prepoo protection treatment on my previously relaxed hair before a relaxer.

Revisit Year 2 Goals:

- Hit FULL BSL by Spring 2009 (March-April) Fall 2009
- Reach MBL (Oct. '09) Spring
- Simplify my regimen & products even more
- Keep breakage to a minimum
- Baby my ends and Moisturize & Seal in Sections
- Increase thickness of ends
- Dust ends frequently
- Use low pH products (shampoos & DC's)
- Increase moisture level

New Goals:
  • CONSISTENTLY Apply Jamaican Black Castor oil (not a fan of the regular Castor oil - sorry) to scalp 3x/week part of the Castor Oil Challenge Pt.2
  • Increase/maintain thickness (hair & ends)
  • Keep up with light protein weekly
  • Incorporate more oils into regimen
  • Co-wash 1x/week part of the Summer 2009 Co-wash Challenge
  • Take Multi-Vitamins Daily & Fish Oils
I'm so fired up right now!!!!! LETS GO


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  1. seeing how thick your hair gotten has definitely inspired me to up my protein.

  2. @ Exotic Mommie - Girl protein is the truth. I'm not scared anymore. Just remember to balance out the protein with moisture and you're good!!!

  3. Sunshyne, What did you not like about regular castor oil?