My First BraidOut

Friday, June 12, 2009

ETA (June 14th 2009): I was in a huge rush prior to taking these photos so I wasn't able to add the steps I took to achieve this look. It's very simple. Here's what I did:

Shampoo'd with Creme of Nature (red label)
Lightly Conditioned in the shower with Silk Elements Cholesterol (3mins with plastic cap)
T-shirt dried (5mins)
Sectioned off my hair in 6 parts
Moisturized with Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Lotion (small dime size amount)
Detangled with a wide tooth comb from the ends up
Sealed with Curls Whipped Creme (just a dab)
Applied a little amount of Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil to my ends

After braiding each braid, I rolled up the ends as if I were to pin curl my hair, I stopped rolling the ends after 2 rolls then I clipped the ends with small barrettes (didn't feel like using

I tied my hair with a satin scarf, then went to bed. All I did was unravel the braids in the AM and added my accessories (silver flower clips)

That's It~


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  1. Wow! It's so full and beautiful. Came out great, especially since it's your first time.

  2. Your hair is beautiful and healthy. Looks great!!!

  3. What products did you use to achieve that look? What were your procedures?

  4. It came out beautiful!! Greta job!

  5. It looks great! Twistouts work out better on my hair but I am so stealing the cute barrette idea!

  6. I love that little widget. <<<< Blog/Web Designer in me can't help but notice it.


  7. That is such a great look on you!! What products did you use and how many braids did you put into your hair?

  8. How cute is that!!! Wow, your hair looks so natural! What product(s) did you use and how long did it last?

  9. It looks great, especially for your first time. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Thank you so much for the compliments! I'm deeply sorry for not posting up the procedures I took to achieve this look. My friend was RUSHING me out the house since we were running late. I will edit this post to add the simply steps I took to get this look =]

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  13. I see that you adopted my method of doing the braidout! It came out fantastic sunshyne! Proud of u and your results... make sure to re-braid at nite so that they look fresh every morning!

  14. Wow! Beautiful! I have to try this out.

  15. @ PocaD - Thanks hun! I will remember to rebraid it at night next time.

    @ Anonymous - Thanks!!