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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Did You Know That...

Coconut Oil (prevents/stops hair fall and strengthens the hair) can penetrate 90% into the hair's cortex (hairs inner fiber), while olive oil can only penetrate up to 25% in the hair shaft (which is still good). Sunflower oil and sesame oil, they can penetrate 5% into the hair.

As far as I'm concerned, Avocado oil is also an inexpensive oil that penetrates into the hair's cortex very well (up there with Coconut Oil and Olive Oil), truly repairing the hair and not just coating the hair strand like most conditioners (never going past the cuticle).

A good way to incorporate these oils would be in the form of a prepoo (preferably overnight), hot oil treatment, or added in your Deep Conditioner. I would like to try prepooing with these oils all together (Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil) to see how my hair responds.

I've been doing a lot of research and these oils seem to be SUPREME in restoring your hair back to a healthy state. So far, I've been prepooing with EVOO overnight this week and I ADORE the results!! I've been eye-ing Avocado oil for some time now. I might just cave in and purchase it =]


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  1. Hi Sunshyne! I second that! EVOO and EVCO have been nothing but good to my hair. I will scope out avocado oil next, too. Good info!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I recently started researching oils that penetrate the hair shaft. Last week, I made a mixture of 2 parts (maybe a bit more) coconut oil, 1 part olive oil and 1 part avocado oil in a container and used it on my hair after deep conditioning before sealing and letting my hair air dry. I did the same on with my daughter and I've also been using it on her scalp every other day (I noticed her scalp was dry). I really like the results from this mix. Thanks again for posting this!

  3. Onyx,
    Was your hair oily or greasy after it dried? Did you use any other products? I'm relaxed so I'm not sure if this would work on my hair or not but I'm trying to find a way to moisturize my new growth (currently transitioning) and this sounds really good.

  4. Hi HauteHairGurl: I am natural (4b) but I definitely think it would be worth you giving it a try on your hair. On wet hair that I had parted into 9 sections, I put a single drop in the palm of my hands. I rubbed it into my hands and just applied to the section I was working on. After that I used a small amount of my hair moisturizer and braided that section to air dry then just went to the next section. My hair did not feel greasy. I'm learning that "less is more". I did use a little shea butter to seal my ends but that's all. I hope this helps!

  5. Do you know where I can find avocado oil?

  6. Hey Sunshyne, Rauney here! Thanks for this post! I've been eyeing avocado oil too. I know I'm gonna beef up my coconut oil now after I take out these braids. Looking forward to experimenting and sharing results. Thanks girlie!

  7. Now of course I want to buy my coconut oil...I had no reason to cut it out of my regimen. Thanks!

    SharBar from Hairlista

  8. Avocado has become a staple of mine. I love to prepoo with it, as well as add it to my DCs. Another oil that I've come to love and appreciate is Grapeseed oil. It's much, much lighter than Avocado, Coconut and EVOO but the results are pretty comparable. I will mix this w/the Avocado oil and prepoo my hair. I also use the Grapeseed oil alone as a hair sealant.

  9. I thought i posted a comment but I don´t see it so I will post agian. Today I used the coconut oil for the first time for my hair. I make the coconut oil myself. I will see how it works for my hair.

  10. Hey sunshine, great post, I use these three oils constantly, and have seen a great change in my hair.

  11. Good post.....I've been using coconut oil mixed with EVOO as a hot oil treatment for about a 2 months now. Since I am using both does that mean 100% pentration of the hair shaft? :) Just kidding.
    I knew these oils were good for you but wasn't aware how good they were for you. That's awesome and thanks for the info...

  12. I just started using EVCO, along with my EVOO and castor oil. How much do you use when you prepoo and when you DC?


  13. Personally, I only pre-poo with coconut oil and preferably overnight.

    Coconut oil is a natural remedy that not only makes your mane shinier and stronger, but it also helps fight against dandruff, excessive hair loss (which, as natural as it might be, is also something all of us are trying to reduce) and weakened hairs. In other words, try it if you really want to give your hair the deluxe treatment for a stunning aspect.

  14. i'm gonna have to check this out and see how it goes.

  15. Wow I`m so happy that you ladies are using these fabulous oils and getting awesome results from it!! Kudos to you. Now I gotta jump on this Oil Exotic Mommie, how do you use these oils? i.e. prepoo, dc or sealant?

    KurlyQue - I`m currently looking around to see if I can find it myself. I have a feeling it`s going to be a tough one :(

    tallMocha - I`ve tried prepooing with EVOO and I don`t really measure the amount. I just make sure my hair, scalp and ends are saturated in it.

    Thanks again ladies for your lovely responses. I learn so much from you all :)

  16. i just bought avocado oil
    and i love coconut oil
    i just mixed the two oils in with my dc (I use Aubrey organics honeysuckle rose) with good results!

  17. Hi ladies. I am so ready to start using coconut oil in my hair regimen. But I am not able to find it or the avocado oil. Where do I buy it or are you ladies purchasing the oils on-line?

  18. I prepoo with a evco, evoo, and avo oil mixture. I have less breakage and my hair feels so soft and looks shiny, without the limp look. I bought both evco (in a jar) and avo oil at my local food co-op.

  19. @ Khadija - Good for you. Where did you get Avocado oil from? Pls let me know =]

    @ Tarnisha - I'm having a hard time finding Avocado Oil as well. Soon enough I will find it. As for coconut oil, I normally see it in Health food stores or the local grocery store in the organic section.

    @ Sacha J - Lucky you. I can't wait to find me some Avo oil. Thanks for the mini review too :)

  20. hey sunshyne!
    I'm not sure where you're from but I bought mine at a beauty supply store in nyc
    it was actually in the dominican products ailse where most of the products were in spanish (from dominican republic)
    its aceite de aguacate in spanish
    i also had a hard time coming by avocado oil
    if you don't have any dominican stores or beauty supply stores with dominican sections
    i would check whole foods
    they definitely for sure should have avocado oil

  21. so do you moisture and seal when u prepoo overnight or do u just apply evoo to the scalp and ends overnight?

  22. Hi ladies,
    You guys can find the avocado oils and coconut oil in your local grocery stores and the vitamin cottage I went on a trip to find these good oils. I love that my daughter has found Sunshyne and her program

  23. I have a question about the avocado oil. I was in the Whole Foods Grocery store in town and they have Refined Avocado oil and since I was there to also buy UN-Refined coconut oil I held off on buying the avocado oil as well because I didn't know if I should be buying it refined or unrefined. (Wow, this question sounds really redundant, huh? lol.)

  24. Tried the coconut oil yesterday on my daughter as a prepoo. She instantly started itching to the point where we had to wash it out. It's the coco oil from GNC ($12) it is unrefined, natural and it says dietary supp. Could this have been the cause for the instant itching..has this happened to anyone else before.

  25. Hi Coti: Sorry to hear about your experience. It has never happened to me personally but I have read that some people are allegric to it.

  26. has anyone been able to find the good avocado oil...I hear the best one is the one that is still green

  27. Hey Sunshyne!
    Can you give up the link or reference for the studies on the percentages of the penetration for the oils you listed? I've been researching them for about 2 years now, with some other natural hair conditioners and I keep getting completely different percentages. I read a study that said sunflower didn't penetrate at all, and that olive oil and avocado penetrate as fully as coconut, but based on my trials, and the weight of each of these, your info makes more sense.

  28. Hi. I'm new and I would like to know it would be good to prepoo and do a hot oil treatment or would that be too much.


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